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Is your computer running slowly? Do programs  stop responding for no reason and you don't know why? Or has our PC been exhibiting unexpected behaviour? If so, your computer has probably been infected by some unwanted malicious software.

Help is at hand though as I can perform all of the following:

  • Scan for and remove any viruses your computer is infected with.

  • Remove any nasty spyware, adware and malware that you may have involuntarily downloaded from the internet onto your computer.

  • Search for and delete any worms and trojan horses that may have been downloaded to your computer while you have been browsing the web.

  • Install patches for Windows to prevent your computer from being infected again from any of the above.

  • Clean up unnecessary programs that run whenever Windows starts up, thus freeing up memory and speeding up your computer.

If you require any of the above, then click on the Contact Me link below and I will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to come and repair your computer in your Tenerife home.

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